Qufi Creative -  Creative agency - Helsinki and London.
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Cultures Drive Brands
Brands Drive Cultures

 What We Do 

Our creative branding agency is the link between brands and cultures.
We believe that cultures manifest brands, and brands drive cultures forward.
We make your brand stand out and grow through brand strategy and design,
which is driven by our cultural knowledge.

What We Offer

Brand Strategy

Brand Auditing

Running an effective health check on your brand helps to turn things around, for the better. We gain a fundamental understanding of where your brand stands in its current state, and identify and address the problem areas.

Brand Strategy

It’s crucial for your brand to stand out and stand for something. Identifying your brand’s purpose sets you apart from your competitors and adds value to your brand experience. By getting to know your organisation, we establish a clear brand strategy that positions your company from long-term growth.


Through productisation and service design we systemise your brand’s services in ways that connect with your customer. By careful research, analysis and strategy, we productise your services to be easily approachable and suitable for a commercial product.


An extensive market research will help us to determine your brand’s position in the market: who are your clients, your biggest competitors, and how should you approach your target market.


A brand name needs to last forever. Strategic naming is an art of its own, as it brings your company, app, product or service into life. The right brand name connects immediately with the culture and market it’s targeting. Applying our knowledge of linguistics and various global languages, we create and develop brand names that are right from the start.

Brand Design

Art Direction

Art direction covers photography, illustration, video, and art installations that strengthen your brand. We unify your brand’s vision with strong visual communication that appeals to your target audience.

Logo & Visual Identity

A visual identity includes a typeface, colour, and logo. We strive to create a timeless visual identity in order to make your brand memorable and recognisable.


Your packaging needs to stand out. We design packaging that catches the eye, giving your product an advantage amongst competitors.

Signature Systems

A well-designed signage system makes your brand iconic. We design signs, maps, arrows, color-coding systems, pictograms or other typographic elements, that make consumers recognise your brand in an instant.

Web Design

Designing a beautiful and a practical wireframe enhances your web presence and online experience. We sketch and design websites from scratch, making them customisable to your needs.

Brand Experience

Web Development

Presence on the web is a must. We develop websites with stunning visuals that are always mobile-friendly.

Social Media Planning

The power of social media is undeniable. However, being present alone is not enough. Our team is able to research who your target audience is and create brand appropriate content. We also help you plan when and to who your social media marketing should be aimed at.

Video and Photography

From commercials to infomercials and short films, we create stunning videos and photography that are always consistent with your brand. Whether your brand appeals to B2C or B2B clients, we concentrate on creating content that will go viral and keeps your  target consumer group in mind.

Event Production

We love producing events that are unforgettable. With our extensive experience in event production, we plan, produce, and coordinate events from A-Z. Whether it’s an art exhibition, a new festival, or a company celebration, we make sure to leave your audience impressed with our innovative and fresh ideas.

Copy & Screenwriting

We concentrate on creating copy that carries your brand’s tone of voice throughout. We create copy and screenwriting for websites, brochures, commercials and other marketing material. We have a multilingual team, so feel free to ask for your copy in various languages!

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